Testimonials & Client List

Testimonials & Client List

Passion, Heart and Inspirational

I thought you might enjoy hearing what attendees thought of your presentation at the CalTravel Summit. In short, they loved it! That is the highest rating we have ever gotten for a speaker. Congratulations, and thank you for bringing so much passion, heart and inspiration to our event.

Barbara Newton
Barbara Newton President and CEO, California Travel Association

Kevin was our closing speaker this week at our national convention for Success Group International. We have been hiring professional speakers for the last 20 years to come to our annual events. Kevin's message was inspirational and motivational. He made us laugh and cry, but most of all, he made us all recognize the hero within. I cannot recommend him enough!

Rebecca Cassel
Rebecca Cassel President, Success Group International (SGI)

Kevin is a Truth Teller

Kevin's presentation was very well received. It was the perfect complement to the relaunch of our WATER'S WORTH IT campaign and both were the buzz of the conference. We continue to receive positive feedback. Kevin had just the right mix of emotion and inspiration, and couldn't have been more perfect for our audience. He was also wonderful to work with and was amazingly self-sufficient - showed up when he was needed and required zero hand-holding. He was a breeze to work with.

Lori Harrison
Lori Harrison Director, Creative Projects, Water Environment Federation

Kevin was AWESOME! For the next 2 days, everyone was talking about his presentation. He is phenomenal and we're lucky to have had him present to our team. I can't recommend him enough. Exactly what we needed!

Holly Horner
Holly Horner Director of IS, Central Turf and Irrigation Supply

To say that Kevin was phenomenal would be an understatement. I have never seen a room captivated the way it was a few weeks ago with Kevin on stage. He commanded the room through his stories, compassion, humor and overall demeanor. He and his story are truly a treasure and we appreciate your team working with us to make it all a reality!

Lexi Dussi
Lexi Dussi Marketing Manager, Elliassen Group

Kevin is not a story teller. Kevin is a truth teller. His truth is an aspiration that we all must have. His inspiration comes from his heart and his soul, and it is extremely obvious. Kevin, you are my HERO. Thanks for making a difference in my life and in the lives of 110 people that you opened up to this week.

Mitch Little
Mitch Little VP, Microchip Technology, INC.

What people are saying about Kevin's style

Every once in a while if you're lucky you cross paths with greatness. Individuals who make you better by just being in their presence. Having played with legends like Peyton Manning I know what that feels like. Kevin Brown is one of those people. Kevin has the ability to use the art of rhetoric and speech to inspire us as human beings to reach our potential and live extraordinary lives. Kevin Brown doesn't just share about the Hero Effect, Kevin Brown lives the Hero Effect!

Ben Utecht
Ben Utecht Super Bowl XLI Champion, National Speaker, and Author

Whatever it is that makes someone a great speaker - Kevin Brown has it!

Joe Calloway
Joe Calloway Author and Speaker of Becoming a Category of One

Kevin, like world-class organizations, draws you in and leaves you wanting more. He doesn't just talk about The Hero Effect, he lives it.

Troy Peple
Troy Peple CEO Accelerent

Kevin is amazing! His presentation was spot on at my event. I’ve had attendees call my office and say, "My eyes were misty when he spoke about his parents. Couldn’t have had a better speaker if we’d searched the WHOLE world!" and "Kevin hit a home run with his keynote!

Jeannie Gregory
Jeannie Gregory State Farm Agent

His passion and great success with audiences

Your passion and story really resonated with people here …your closing keynote was like the bottom of the ninth inning with the score tied and you walked up and hit a grand slam home run for the walk off win!! Bottom line Kevin…simply put…you rocked it when you were here!

Al Hodgeman, CIC, AIS
Al Hodgeman, CIC, AIS Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance

Kevin - thank you so much for inspiring our group. I have heard lots of wonderful feedback about how much everyone enjoyed hearing you speak at our Leadership Summit. I knew The Hero Effect was the right message for our audience, but I was really impressed and delighted with the way you connected to our core values and helped our audience relate to your message in those terms - well done!

Marti Greathouse
Marti Greathouse Helzberg Diamonds

On behalf of the 2015 IT Symposium team thank you for being a part of it and making it such a huge success! People are still “buzzing” about it. Your session was such a great way to close down the two days and was very memorable.

Joyce Brooks
Joyce Brooks State Farm Insurance

Audiences relate to his message

You were the message. The ripple effect of your talk has been extraordinary.

Philip Styrlund
Philip Styrlund CEO Forum

YOU WERE AWESOME! I knew you would be. We received comments all the way to the day we left about how you were the FAVORITE speaker at our event. You have a gift for this. You are a great story teller and connect with people on such an emotional level. And your humor is great on top of it all. I could not have been more pleased and am blessed to have met you. Thanks for making our event special.

Maureen Bock | Vice President of Growth Services
Maureen Bock | Vice President of Growth Services Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

Emotional and entertaining speaker

Our members loved you! Thanks for closing our conference with exactly the right message. I will recommend you to my peers far and wide as a great speaker!

Patricia McLaughlin
Patricia McLaughlin Illinois Movers' and Warehousemen's Assn.

You were a HUGE HIT with our conference attendees. You're a pleasure to work with.

Diana Shackelford I Event Marketing Manager
Diana Shackelford I Event Marketing Manager Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thank you for coming to share your wit and wisdom with our local CPCU chapter. Your presentation on the HERO Effect: Bringing Your Best when it Matters the Most was a perfect send-off for our audience. The images of Aunt Bea and being called Mr. Delicious are embedded in the heads of CPCUs throughout the area. You’ve got quite a talent for painting a word picture in the minds of your audience.

Michael C. Nibbelin, MBA, Ph.D. CPCU, ChFC, CLU, CPA, CMA
Michael C. Nibbelin, MBA, Ph.D. CPCU, ChFC, CLU, CPA, CMA Central Illinois Chapter CPCU Society

Kevin was extraordinarily phenomenal! Kevin's down to earth presentation on the Hero Effect connected with the audience both personally and professionally. His delivery was thought provoking, yet filled with humor at the most appropriate times. Kevin’s inspiring performance will take you on a ride filled with emotion and entertainment, and one that will stay with you long after its over!

Beata Craig | CPCU, CLU®, CIPP/US
Beata Craig | CPCU, CLU®, CIPP/US State Farm Insurance

Kevin is one of a kind powerful speaker

Kevin’s program was a great reminder of the importance of customer service and what it means to make an interaction with someone truly exceptional and memorable. We had about 500 employees attend his presentation, including several from our IT area. We laughed, cried and walked away inspired to be everyday heroes. Kevin’s presentation and message were different than our typical guest speakers’ – and it showed. We received rave reviews from employees, and many asked to have more speakers like him in the future.

Mary Donnelly | Supervisor of Benefit Projects
Mary Donnelly | Supervisor of Benefit Projects COUNTRY Financial®

Amazing performance!!! I’ve never seen people standing and applauding eagerly at the end of a keynote performance; Kevin made the closing of our event successful. Kevin’s passion and gift of speech makes his “Hero Effect” keynote a one of a kind: Entertaining, energizing and powerful message.

Jorge E. Salazar | Employee Safety Advisor
Jorge E. Salazar | Employee Safety Advisor ExxonMobil Pipeline

Kevin Brown was a fantastic speaker and left our group with a wonderful message that held value for work and home. He was extremely engaging and the content was rich with humor. All 500 employees, who attended the banquet, fully enjoyed his talk and I would recommend him for any event. He is also very easy to work with and will help you make your meeting and/or event a huge success.

Caitlin Laramee
Caitlin Laramee

A Few of Kevin's Clients

  • Accelerent
  • Advisors Excel
  • Alabama Bankers Association
  • Allianz
  • America First Credit Union
  • Bankers Donelson
  • Bloomingfield Community Schools
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU)
  • Charles County Public Schools (Maryland)
  • Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Country Financial
  • CPCU Society
  • Decatur Community Leaders
  • Delta Airlines
  • Dyersburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Ewing Irrigation
  • ExxonMobil Pipeline 
  • Georgia Credit Union Association
  • Global HR (Regional Society of Human Resources)
  • Grain and Feed Association of Illinois
  • Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance
  • Helzberg Diamonds
  • Hunter Industries
  • Howard Family Dental
  • Illinois Association of Park Districts
  • Illinois Association of School Boards
  • Illinois Bankers Association
  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Illinois Movers and Wharehousemen's Assoc.
  • Illinois Nursing Home Administrators
  • Iowa Bankers Association
  • Iowa Communications Alliance
  • Iowa County Roads
  • Iowa Credit Union Association
  • Iowa Department of Transportation
  • LiveOps, Inc.
  • Member Source Credit Union
  • Midland National Life
  • Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Missouri Bankers Association
  • Missouri Farm Bureau
  • Mortenson Dental Partners
  • Mountain West Credit Union Association
  • Municipal Advisory Council 
  • Muscatine Chamber of Commerce
  • National Teachers Hall of Fame
  • Navitus Health Solutions 
  • Nebraska Association of School Boards
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Odessa College
  • Painting with a Twist
  • Payroll Experts
  • Pediatric Complex Care Association
  • Pennsylvania Credit Union Association
  • Petersen Health Care
  • Presidential National Prayer Breakfast CEO Forum
  • Purple Heart Homes
  • Reinke Manufacturing
  • Rockwell Collins
  • RSA (Division of EMC)
  • Servpro Industries, Inc.
  • ShenTel
  • Siemens
  • SneadAG
  • State Farm Insurance
  • State of Illinois DHS
  • StateServ
  • Southwest Georgia Farm Credit
  • The Summit Group
  • Tennessee Bankers Association
  • Tennessee Credit Union League
  • Tinker Federal Credit Union
  • Traditions Bank
  • TransAmerica
  • Utah League of Credit Unions
  • Virginia State Claims Association
  • Volunteer Corporate Credit Union
  • Wisconsin Realtors Association

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